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Quick Links!

Today's Quick Links come from Lorimer Moseley, David Buter, and Gizmodo.

One of my favorite sites, Gizmodo, a tech blog, posted some interesting footage of a thought being formed in real time. So it's of a fish... still cool stuff! Check it out!

Dr. David Butler started another blog! One of his first posts on noijam is about Straining Scientist - Clinician Relationships. He nails it by stating some points we as clinicians often have. Just when you think you're practicing as evidence based as you could be, someone like Chad Cook states that research shows even if the methods were reproduced and the first study was p<.05 that the second study may not be statistically significant. That certainly makes you think! I am sure that most of the clinicians in social media tend to be more proactive in balancing the research with clinical practice, and it is those who do not even read journals much less being involved online that we need to worry about the most! Kudos to David for coming up with another great avenue for us to be involved with!

Dr. Lorimer Moseley posted a great response. After reading Moseley's I and re-reading David's it struck me that it was probably the most serious I've heard Butler discussing anything in quite a while! What a great response with some particular quoteable quotes at the end! "I suggest not, what matters most in the clinic is whether patients get better, not necessarily how they do." - Love it! Sometimes we do forget that. When someone asks me what I think about some technique, or some course, my honest answer is that any treatment and outcome can be effective as long as the clinician is informative, active in the care, and compassionate!

Lastly, please vote for The Manual Therapist Blog as Best Overall PT Blog if you have not already done so. The previous votes were nominations, and I made the cut! It's an honor to be included among PT's most hard working bloggers! Because of them and others like them, I have learned more in the past 1.5 years than
I had in the previous 4!

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