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Quick Links!

Today's Quick Links come from Body in Mind, Julie Wiebe, and Leonard Van Gelder.

Body in Mind reviews current LBP care guidelines in the research. For years they have been stating self management but the blog post author was unable to find much research on self management. I'm surprised at this as MDT has been prescribing this as their main form of treatment/education and there is plenty of research on it.

Julie Wiebe, ever the champion of breathing and the pelvic floor wrote Dr. Oz a while ago on Distastes and Crunches. Ouch, I can imagine a distastes separating already! Do any of these celebrity health experts ever actually look into what they are prescribing? It would have been interesting to hear Dr. Oz's reply, but I'm sure it was read by an intern and filed away.

Leonard Van Gelder is in the process of transitioning away from pathoanatomy and biomechanics in regards to movement and soft tissues. In the process he asks about throwing away patterns like Tom Myer's Anatomy Trains. As common things happen commonly, I say definitely not! Regardless of why certain tissues experience either increased tone or increased resistance to the sensation of touch, improving that dysfunction helps the patient. Even if the mechanisms we previously though have been disproved. The patterns have been identified by experts and are useful to cut down on your clinical decision making time. This is exactly what I teach in my ST Patterns emanual and lecture on the OMPT Channel!

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