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Quick Links!

Today's Quick Links come from news.com.au, Ann Wendel, and PT Diagnosis.

Ann Wendel wrote a great piece for WebPT on Patient Satisfaction in PT. There are some considerations that some of us private practice owners may have not thought about, such as access to your office and bringing the patient into the plan instead of just telling them your plan. When I managed a practice (as opposed to owning one) I fell into the category of seeing patients as patients only and not consumers. Nothing changes that faster than some maturity and owning a practice and starting it when it's sink or swim! Ann is a successful practice owner, not only technically skilled, but highly personable. That in any practice is win/win.

Tim Richardson from PT Diagnosis wrote a post about recent Medicare Outcomes requirements. I'm not sure whether to be upset or relieved. Check out This is Only a Test.

Last but not least a news article was posted on my blog's facebook wall regarding a professional footy player who reckons that physio ruined his career. Check out the story in news.com.au. The thing about MDT is that if you test and retest and see what repeated motions (or any technique) is doing to the patient, you are almost guaranteed not to worsen the patient. It's hard to say who is at fault without being there and knowing all the details. The patient may have been noncompliant. The physio may have not given him an appropriate HEP or he could have been shifting in the wrong direction. It could have been the shots! It was settled out of court, so I guess the physio takes the blame! Anyone know anything more about the case?

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