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Quick Links!

Today's Quick Links come from Runner's World, Chris Johnson, and BigThink.com.

Runner's World reviewed a study about if massage works or not. The authors controlled for placebo effect by having machines stimulate 15 minutes of massage on rabbits. Rabbits shouldn't know if pressure from machines SHOULD help them recover from injury, right? Click here to find out the results!

60% of the time, it works every time, right? Read all about p-hacking and the Statistical Significance Scandal. There is a lot less $$ and at stake in our profession, so hopefully our researchers are not manipulating their results knowingly! One of the most revealing stats I read in the past few years was in an editorial by Chad Cook, who basically stated if you take any study, replicate the methods, there is a high change (forget the percentage) that it WILL not be p<0.05 even in the first study it was.

Chris Johnson writes why you should not listen to music while running, especially while recovering from injury! Being mindful of my striking pattern and cadence, I can see his point. Even though I love running, I also have trouble without some good beats to keep me going. I just count my strikes in my head and run in low traffic areas (I live in what some consider the boonies).

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