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Quick Links!

Today's Quick Links come from Kettlebell Therapy, The Student Physical Therapist, and Nature.com

First things first, I am pleased to announce a collaboration with Dr. Mike Reinold on IASTMtechnique.com! You may have heard of him... Anyway, he needed a push to get this website off of the ground and I will be contributing at least 1.5 hours of instructional vids. We'll let you know as the time draws closer to the official launch!

Dr. Ben Fung loves Disney! (who doesn't?) He spent the holidays at the Magic Kingdom and took away some very valuable lessons we can all use in #bizPT and to #solvePT. There is part 1 and 2 and they are lengthy, well written posts that anyone who cares about business and customer service should read. Amazing job Ben!

Do you use squatting as a measure of functional ability? In all your populations? I find that many clinicians throw out useful measures like these if someone has surgery. Squatting is just another ADL! The sDPTs over at thestudentphysicaltherapist.com review some research looking at squatting and TKAs.

It used to be a measure of too much time in the bath when I had wrinkly fingers as a kid. Time to get out! Recently, researchers have a shown that this phenomenon may be a biological adaptation to handle wet objects! Interesting stuff found here via nature.com.

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