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Quick Links!

Today's Quick Links come from The New York Times, Chad Cook, and Gray Cook.

Do the Brain Benefits of Exercise last? The New York Times reviewed research that studied this topic. We already know that the physical effects rapidly deteriorate. Follow the link to find out the results! I'll give you a hint, keep exercising!

Here's a link to an abstract on some of Chad Cook's latest research. He determined that the CPR for lumbar thrust manipulation was indeed prognostic and should be considered so. We know this makes sense from a clinical standpoint as it identifies healthier individuals both physically and mentally (which is most likely the most important). Recent studies also showed that individuals who met the CPR also were met the Derangement Syndrome Category which also leads to faster and better outcomes.

Last but of course not least is Gray Cook's latest lecture on Schooling vs Education. There is also an option to hear it via movementlectures.com. I think the better of a clinician you are, you realize the value of education outside of your traditional schooling. Both are important, but to excel you need to educate yourself and drill it in!

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