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Quick Links!

Today's Quick Links come from In Touch PT, PTPN, and the Healthy Wealthy Smart podcast, and Sports Medicine Research.

Who isn't down for listening to more Lorimer Moseley? Listen to another great interview on the Healthy Wealthy Smart Podcast, about pain of course!

Dr. Harrison Vaughn lists some great ways to expand your learning in 2013. Yes there is a shameless plug of my OMPT Channel, but there are more as well. Follow the link to find out other ways to learn this year.

SMR Blog reviewed research on the Default-Mode Network and Mild TBI (MTBI). Interesting findings using a fMRI to see the changes in the Default-Mode Network. I was not even aware of this network prior to this! Even mild concussions have cognitive deficits and findings consistent with those leading to anxiety and depression. Interesting stuff!

A PT on twitter, @einhornpt brought this petition up to me. As a private practice owner who only sees 1-2 medicare patients a year, I admit I was not keeping up with these issues. However, after looking into them, I realize we need to get the word out! The private insurances will most likely follow suit in terms of reduction of multiple procedure reimbursement. Follow the link and contact your Senators and representatives now! This is especially upsetting as it was just passed that Medicare should now cover maintenance services to those who were previously denied. All of our outcomes and research data suggest we do much more to improve quality of life and we are cheaper than surgery and drugs. Pass the link on to your patients as well!

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