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Quick Links!

There have been so many great links to share since my break! Here are great posts by Jesse Awenus, Harrison Vaughn, and Greg Lehman.

Jesse Awenus has made up his mind to blog more, which is great, because he writes great posts! Here is his latest on Rotator Cuff Strength or Scapular Stability, Which Comes First?

Dr. Harrison Vaughn is a fan of the case report, as am I. I do get more from this lower level of evidence as Meta-analyses and Systematic Reviews often find little credibility toward the techniques and assessments we use the most! I still read them, but don't get much of them clinically because I use what works and trust my judgement. Here are his Top 3 Case Reports of the Year, I enjoyed these as well! Btw, great new look for the blog!

My favorite skeptic, Dr. Greg Lehman has another great post about Core Stability and Pain. See what his beef is. I tend to agree with what Greg says, because as a MDT practitioner, I barely prescribe stability exercises at all. In those patients who I may have in the past, I find that rolling patterns or some variation often fills that void (Greg would disagree with that as someone who doesn't like movement patterns as an assessment).

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