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Top 5 Fridays! 5 Programs That Have Piqued My Interest

Here are 5 programs/courses that I plan on taking in the future to broaden my horizons and expand my

1) Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization

Dr. Charlie Weingroff pretty much calls this stuff voodoo magic or along those lines. I literally know nothing about it, but a lot of the guys who follow Gray Cook and the FMS/SFMA have taken these courses with nothing but accolades for this system. It's coming to my neck of the woods in my wife's hometown of Mississauga sometime next year and I'm definitely down!

2) Myopain Seminars/TDN

I first met Dr. Jan Dommerholt when taking Dr. Rocabado's courses. He was an attendant. Mariano presented a simple treatment for TrPs and why he thought it worked. The next day, one of the participants came back with a "short paper" on why he thought it worked complete with about 50 references. The rest of us said, "Who is this guy?" ..... Jan Dommerholt! Since then, I have been interested in dry needling and am looking forward to the day we may be able to use this great tool in New York. Also, I like to mention things like this because it may spark outrage at a certain forum.

3) Postural Restoration Institute

Again, not too much knowledge of their approach, but some PTs and other clinicians have told me they have colleagues who have taken the courses and really learned from them. I feel like I need to know more about breathing and different ways to affect it and alignment. Their first two courses are available by DVD. Maybe I'll actually take time away from blogging/teaching/practice and watch them... Yeah.. that's why I haven't yet. I plan on it next year tho! Even if I have to take vacation to do it!

4) Advanced SFMA 

These aren't offered too much compared to the FMS. However, it has really enhanced my assessment and I have added it to all of my courses as a means to efficiently assess movement patterns.

5) Strongfirst Kettlebell Cert

Despite completely jacking up my wrist training with kettlebells in hopes to one day complete a RKC, I still want to do this! Now that Pavel has left Dragon Door, I would rather do his program than theirs as he was the founder. I think with better movement and proper training, my goal of now doing a Strongfirst Kettlebell Level 1 Cert by the end of next year will be obtained.

Next week the posts will be less regular, and I'll be back for the holidays, keep coming back the EDGE and OMPT Channel sales are on until Jan 1st! Everyone have a safe and happy holidays. Lastly, the small folding Mirror Boxes are now in stock!

Also, any other programs that I didn't mention that you guys are looking forward to taking?

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