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Quick Links

Today's Quick Links come from Craig Libenson, Jennifer Michelle Communications, and Sports Medicine Research.

Craig Libenson writes his take on is it wrong to squat like a child. We have similar methodologies so naturally I agree with him rather than Nick Tumiello, which I featured recently on a Quick Links. Read on to see Dr. Libenson's thoughts.

SMR Blog reviews conscious correction of scapular position. Is it wasted effort? I believe in motor control theory and prescribe mainly exercises like kettlebell carries and kettlebell arm rotations. I have some great pics for tomorrow's post on these exercises and before and after 3 weeks of training. This specific study ignores motor control and timing and just measured after one session. I would hardly expect rapid changes in scapular control after one session of exercises unless accompanied by manual therapy as well.

Jennifer Michelle wrote a post about 5 Questions That Will Increase Your Bottom Line. We should all be asking these questions of our patients/clients as it's all about customer service!

Finally, the EDGE makes a great stocking stuffer! $15 off which is free shipping and a pouch included with each order (per tool, not just once).

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