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Quick Links!

Today's Quick Links come from Chris Johnson, MDT Worldpress, and PT Diagnosis.

Get your runner's mirror neurons firing by watching more robotic precision from Chris Johnson. Here's a single leg stance with forward lean video from his youtube channel.

Tim Richardson at PT Diagnosis reports that the maintenance settlement against medicare is now getting preliminary approval. This is a huge win for both consumers and practitioners alike as there are plenty of conditions that are better managed with maintenance PT rather than drugs or surgery. We still have a cap, but it's still a huge first step that I never thought I would see. Aren't all HMOs supposed to follow suit with Medicare regs?

One of the misconceptions about MDT is that it is only applicable to certain populations. A guest article on the MDT Worldpress site reviews a study done in 2010 on an older population (65 and greater). As expected there were a high amount with a DP and there was little correlation with the severity of previous scans. However, the data (n=150) showed 100% of them being classified as derangement syndrome. That's great for outcomes, but what good is having a classification system if 100% of your multi-center data comes back all as one syndrome? What are your thoughts?

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