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Quick Links!

Today's Quick Links come from Charlie Weingroff, Sports Medicine Research, and Functional Anatomy Seminars.
Dr. Charlie Weingroff posted his take on ACL rehab and the normally garbage advice we get from our referral sources. Tell us how you really feel Charlie! One of the more frustrating things about being in private practice and holding our treatment and assessment to a higher standard is that you have to spend your time de-programming the patient of all the trash that goes in prior to them seeing you. Sigh...

SMR reviews fear avoidance and return to sport for athletes. The systematic review found 3 factors related with return to sport. Bottom line, prepare your patients mentally and not just physically!

Rant on! Dr. Andreo Spina recently had a good rant on his Functional Anatomy Seminars FB page. He is absolutely right, there are enough likes out there and everyone who shares on social media will also have their detractors. Rightly so, we should all be able to defend our beliefs. Are your beliefs based on your own opinion? Perhaps they're from a narrow minded elitist forum? Do you think everyone else who does not agree with you is wrong?

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