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Quick Links!

Today's Quick Links come from Dynamic Principles, Psychology Today, and Orthopedic Manual PT.

Leonard Van Gelder reviewed the literature in regard to acute ankle sprains. Not surprisingly, it reflected that acute ankle injuries respond to manual therapy just like acute lumbar and cervical pain does. The cases are interesting, and one of them is him! I have a similar experience as well, after taking a Mulligan LQ Course, I was at a Halloween Party quite a while ago (before I was a family man). I was partaking of some beverages and naturally felt invincible! The stairway to leave the apartment had what looked like a 90 degree overhang, and as a rock-climber, we all think we're Spiderman. I jumped to grab on and swing through the doorway; unfortunately, it turns out it was angled downward (a sloper) so I slipped off and had a pretty moderate inversion sprain. I performed some posterior glides of the lateral malleolus along with some repeated inversion. I was able to continue the night with only mild soreness the next day!

Psychology Today featured a post about mindfulness. I normally prescribe this for chronic pain patients to decrease anxiety, fear avoidance and overall change the way they look at pain and daily function. The post is interesting because the researcher uses mindfulness to avoid temptation for addictions.

Classification improves outcomes, something I teach in all my courses and something MDT has been preaching for a while now. Orthopedic Manual PT reviews the research that I also go over in my courses stating this. Great review guys!

Also, for those of you on mobile, I decided to opt out of the faster loading mobile views. I know all iOS and current gen android devices can handle the desktop version. So many people checking out the site on mobile and miss things like the EDGE page, OMPT channel, and forum, so it was just easier this way!

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