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Quick Links!

Today's Quick Links come from In Touch Physical Therapy, Functional Movement Systems, and Body in Mind.

What is the image of PT? Specifically, what is it when you google it? The #1 picture Harrison Vaughn found is one that is generically used on a a few sites in my area plus it looks like the patient is a guy who I went to PT school with (but isn't). At least it wasn't ultrasound or estim!

Did you ask for a lit review on the FMS? If so, follow the link to the Functional Movement Systems site that reviews current literature on the reliability and validity. The studies that Gray references in his keynote for IFOMPT are mentioned on normative values for different groups across the lifespan.

Body in Mind reviews some research on pain and the cortex, using amputees as an example. The author reviews some of her research on amputees showing that mirror therapy, VR, and/or GMI also helps decrease phantom limb pain. It's also interesting how they state amputees move their limbs slower when they have pain versus those who do not have phantom pain.

Also for those of you on mobile, you miss a lot on my desktop based site! I redid my homepage over the weekend to prepare for The Eclectic Approach Courses starting next year through Medical Minds in Motion, who are currently finishing up their website. They have a facebook site, like it for Dr. Rick Daigle's frequent and insightful updates plus updates on future courses!

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