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Quick Links!

Today's Quick Links come from The Body Mechanic, LaVack Fitness, and Conditioning Research.

Dr. Greg Lehman just took Dr. Charlie Weingroff's course in Toronto a few weekends ago. He posted a great review along with his thoughts on the SFMA. Another great read with a surprising amount of less skepticism that I would have thought!

Brandon LaVack interviewed Dr. Rick Daigle for his blog. Rick is a founder of Medical Minds in Motion, a new CEU company you will be hearing about more in the next year! Rick talks about the fitness and rehab worlds and how they should not be separate. It should be a symbiotic relationship with referrals going back and forth as most PTs do not keep their patients on for conditioning/performance (but could). He also talks about the importance of Con Ed in both industries.

Conditioning Research reviews more reasons why sitting is bad for you. We aren't talking about posture here, but even the differences between static sitting and standing and what it does to you metabolically. Interesting stuff! Bottom line, move more!

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