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Top 5 Fridays! My Top 5 Experiences at IFOMPT 2012!

Don't worry, there are more keynote and presentation summaries coming up! Give me the weekend to catch up! Here are my Top 5 IFOMPT 2012 Experiences!

1) Seeing David Butler present Manual Therapy in a Neuroplastic World

Butler is one of my favorite physios, and absolutely always dynamic, charismatic and hilarious! It was good to see new ways to educate using pain science. I ordered my pin board from and it will be in the clinic by the time I get back! Excellent tool for teaching the virtual representation of the body in the brain!
separated at birth?
2) Mariano Rocabado and the other presenter's TMD Update Presentation

Probably tied with Butler as one of my favorite all time physio's, Rocabado is always informative and just as charismatic. During our review for the Craniofacial Certification, he spoke for four hours about one slide... and it was interesting the entire time. I did not learn much new, but it was great to review the biomechanics and other researchers support his original findings of the mandible position being related to the cranial position. The write-up post for this presentation is coming next week.

I was walking back to my hotel after some beers with the Physio Pedia team and who walks out of a restaurant right in front of me?

Me gusta!

The craziest part was, when I said hello and asked him for a picture, I said "You probably don't remember me but..." He cut me off and said, "Sure I do, you are from Buffalo!" What a memory on that guy, it's been 7 years since we had our "conversation" - how you get certified 1:1 oral testing with the master. He was happy to hear that a majority of my caseload is TMD.

3) Gray Cook's Keynote

It was refreshing to hear what I have only read in Movement, plus heard from other presenters during the FMS and SFMA courses. Nothing beats hearing it from the horse's mouth. Like all the PTs who have influenced the way I practice, Gray is dynamic, thinks out of the box, and changes the paradigm of what was previously done. The ortho world needs more exposure to Gray, the FMS and the SFMA.

I was so bummed that he had to deliver his keynote and jet out because he wanted to get back to his parents... I ended up leaving a presentation early to look for a jacket I left at Gray's keynote... who do I end up running into in a random conference center hallway that was empty?

humbled by Gray Cook

He was great enough to talk shop for about 10 minutes. For the future, look for a video interview with Gray in his clinic regarding the differences between the Sports and Ortho PT world, and how they should be more alike than different. I got the invite!

4) Central Sensitization Presentation with Jo Nijs

This write-up is also coming sometime next week. There were some great points on the differential Dx between secondary hyperalgesia and central sensitization and also who needs pain education and who doesn't. Also, I didn't realize that Jo is also a manual therapist, and he made great points on how integrating OMPT with pain science works.

Jo asked "Do I look drunk?" I asked, "Do you want to?"
Jo and I had lunch and talked shop... pain science, manual therapy, and the Stop Thought Viruses bracelet study we are doing with several clinics and Joe Brence. I had a star struck/studded IFOMPT experience!

5) Hanging out with the Physio Pedia Team!

with guest appearance by Kevin Rudolph, PT, MS, FAAOMPT (close friend and former college roommate)
From left to right, Kevin Rudolph, not a blogger but tagging along, Jesse Awenus, of jessephysio fame, Sarah Slater, Rachael Lowe, founder of Physio Pedia, Jon Ward head of the STOPS Back Pain Research, Alexander Chan. Sarah, Alex are completing their PhD in physiotherapy with Jon Ward. I will be linking back and giving info on their lumbar pain research in a future post. Love that acronym!

It was a great group to hang out with, with diverse backgrounds, three Australians, one Canadian, one from England (now living in France), and two Americans. All passionate about manual therapy, and manual therapy research.

It was great being there, if only for two days. I missed Mike Pascoe, somehow we kept missing each other. The energy, and passion for manual therapy was great. There was support for all approaches from biomechanical, to pain science, to neurodynamics, motor control, and a combination! 

Honorable mentions (not really, this was also GREAT!)

Jan, your head is in the way of free advertising!
I stopped by the Myopain Seminars after seeing Jan at Rocabado's presentation, but he slipped out before I got a chance to say hello. He was great enough to talk shop, updating me on TDN in NYS. Apparently I could perform it inside a physician's office, if they billed for it. Well, that would work, if 1) I either liked POPTs or 2) I could get any doc I know, including the one we lease space from to buy into letting me dry needle patients in their office. Hopefully I'll see this in the next 5 years and be able to take some TDN courses and actually apply it. Jan is publishing a new book on updated TDN research in Jan 2013, look for it!

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