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Quick Links!

Today's Quick Links come from In Touch PT, Stop Chasing Pain, and Running Physio.

Running Physio does a mini lit review of whether or not kinesiotaping helps runners. What he found was that in general, it needs more high quality RCTs and that none were performed on runners in particular. Read on to find his results and recommendations. There is also a pic of a great technique that helps stop all complaints of pain!

The Turkish Get Up is considered one of the best/purest forms of exercise as the movement sequencing is difficult to master, requiring mobility, stability and motor control. Dr. Perry Nickelston explains in an older post how he uses the Baby GetUp as a movement screen.

Dr. Harrison Vaughn did not keep us waiting too long for the follow up to his case on DA for foot pain. After you've read it, comment below on what your treatments and experiences with this diagnosis are.

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