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Quick Links!

Today's Quick Links come from Scientific American, The Sports Physiotherapist, and Body in Mind.

Thanks to @sigmik for posting the link to the Scientific American post on Expectation. I recently updated my Spinal Manip course to include the CPR for Cervical Thrust that included patient's positive expectation of the treatment. If you pay attention to your patients and outcomes, you definitely know that positive expectation helps outcomes. Read this great article and think how you can harness the power of expectation in your practice!

The Sports Physiotherapist does a mini lit review on Eccentric Training for Flexibility. After Alfredson's work became popular, I added eccentric loading to many other areas, with good success if the patients were compliant. I have instructed patients to perform eccentric loading on hamstrings, common wrist extensors, shoulder external rotators, and even during neurodynamic tensioners - yeah, I can't handle that, but the patient sure could!

Is there ever a week without something worth sharing from Body in Mind? This post is on the always frustrating It Worked Before, but Now it Doesn't? occurrence. The studies that was reviewed had significant differences in methods, contact hours, and frequency spent with a clinician. The one thing I took away from many of the researchers and clinicians at IFOMPT who dealt with chronic pain is the repetition they spent with the patient made the difference. Repetition always matters for education, especially more so on a sensitized nervous system. Hopefully the study will be repeated in a clinical setting with educational and treatment methods that mirror the original research.

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