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Quick Links!

Today's Quick Links come from WSJ online, Kettlebell Therapy, and the Functional Foot.

Dr. Ben Fung recently attended McKenzie Part A, as someone who loves physics and biomechanics, of course he loved it! Read his thoughts here.

WSJ online reviewed a study on concentration and a variable that most likely a Western nation would not think about studying. Luckily, I'm surrounded by cute girls and dogs at my house!

The Functional Foot blog recently covers some misconceptions (or truths?) about barefoot or mid-foot running. One of the main points I disagree with is about the ground reaction force. It may be roughly the same, but for flatfoot striking, it is more even distributed, and and occurring over a longer duration. Looking at the forefoot and rear foot strikes, you can see the two impacts, with sharper spikes in the graph, indicating more force occurring over less time, this was a hallmark of Davis' research. This is the way I explain it to patients who are unable to run without the typical knee/hip pain that rear foot strikers encounter. Hit your heel on the ground repeatedly with moderate force, then your toes... then your flat foot with equal force. What feels better? Force is inversely proportionate to the amount of surface area you apply it through, mid-foot strike biomechanically should offer less chance of injury combined with a shorter stride. I then give cues and training on running mechanics.

Tomorrow starts my coverage of IFOMPT, with live blogging from David Butler and Gray Cook's presentations! Here are our team's latest posts!

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