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Quick Links!

Today's Quick Links come from Running Physio, Sports Medicine Research, and Physiopedia.

First things first, I'm psyched for IFOMPT! Here is a link to the schedule of presenters, just click on the different days to see who is presenting! I'm live blogging Gray Cook and David Butler, two of my favorite physio's in the world! Here is our team! I'm honored to be an official IFOMPT blogger and can't wait to meet and network other like minded manual therapy physio's from all over!

This post from Running Physio has so many options for glut med training, it's amazing! There are some really great variations on the clam, plus some single leg stance variations. Anyone who runs or treats runners, or people with hips and knees for that matter should check this post!

SMR reviews factors associated with shoulder pain in swimmers. The sample size was large and has various age groups. There were a lot of factors measured and identified in the various groups. The most disabled group also had the most exposure. Similar to what is preached in the SFMA, previous injury predicted injury. Follow the link to see the other predictors.

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