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Quick Links!

Today's Quick Links come from Body in Mind, Julie Wiebe, and Sports Medicine Research.
Body in Mind reviews some research that concludes being active helps you recover from injury more than being sedentary.... in rats. Still, both studies that are reviewed are interesting and hopefully back up our basic science knowledge with semi-real world results on being sedentary versus active.

SMR reviewed research on the sleeper stretch, GIRD and acromial humeral distance (AHD). Some important notes even in baseline measurements: compared to the uninvolved UE, the subjects with less IR had decreased AHD. The experimental group performed a sleeper stretch 3 sets of 30 seconds daily for 6 weeks. The control group just went on their usual business. The group that performed the stretching had increased IR and AHD. There are not too many studies that measure increased joint space, so I thought this was pretty interesting.

Another great post from Julie Wiebe! What's is the female athelete's best kept secret? Read on to find out, no spoilers here!

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