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Quick Links!

Today's Quick Links come from Better Movement, Kettlebell Therapy, and Dynamic Chiropractic via Dr. Perry Nickelston.

a Rafflecopter giveaway Todd over at Better Movement wrote a great post on kinesiotaping and his theories for why it works. Between that and taping techniques like Mulligan taping, I completely agree, there is no way there is a mechanical component. Great post, be sure to check it out, but don't bother with the SS links, those guys are elitist and the complete opposite of an open forum.

Dr. Ben Fung recently completed his review of his Vibrams after 5 months of wearing them. Has it really been that long? As usual it's written with his flair for physics (I was a physics tutor in college, so I can really appreciate it).

I have mentioned assessing rolling in previous posts, which has been very valuable in patients who have plateaued in their improvement. I have used rolling as an assessment and self treatment/audit in everyone from marathon runners to office workers. Sometimes it's that missing piece. Dr. Perry Nickelston breaks down the rational behind upper and lower body rolling patterns. Check it out!

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