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Quick Links!

Today's Quick Links come from Specialist Pain Physio, Dean Somerset, and Triathlon Competitor.

Specialist Pain Physio's latest post is about Rehabilitation of Thinking. It's well written and something I had in the back of my head about writing for my own blog. However, Richmond has done it for me, so kudos on educating readers on the importance of conveying change and meaning to movement and exercise.

Dean Somerset wrote recently about When to Wear Minimalist Shoes. Some great observations and of course ending with one of my favorite saying, the right tool (or Tx) for the right person at the right time. Since starting to run in my Nike Free's I've also taken to working out barefoot. Awesome for balance and proprioception. Single leg stance exercises are much easier!

One of the newer blogs I follow, runblogger, wrote an article for Triathlon Competitor' site. The training tip is to Stop Overstriding. The research on the resultant force from larger strides (which typically lead to heel strike) and smaller strides is pretty convincing in favor of higher cadence.

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