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Quick Links!

Today's Quick Links come from NOI Group, thebodymechanic.ca, and biomedcentral as posted by @snippetphysther on twitter.

Dr. David Butler answers some frequent queries on laterality and a GMI program. If you've tried this on anyone with CNS sensitivity, you may have the same questions. I have a limited number of patients on which to practice this with, but those who have tried were frustrated with the app or gave up too soon and just wanted to focus on general fitness and conditioning.

Dr. Greg Lehmen and Bret Contreras go over Exceptions to the Joint by Joint Approach. This is an extremely well thought out and lengthy post! Certainly worth the read as many of Dr. Lehman's posts are. It's also good to hear Bret's thoughts on the JBJ Approach as well. When I first heard the JBJ, I thought similar things, it is elegant and simple! Inherently, I found this out myself, I just never worded it that way. Of course there are always exceptions and this may be sport or activity dependent. Follow the link and stop reading my rambling!

Here is a great link that I think I may have featured in the past to an article comparing different movement based classifications systems for LBP.  This is a great review as I'm teaching Spinal Thrust Manip again this weekend to D'Youville College PT students and also teaching a course on Eclectic Management of Lumbopelvic Hip Dysfunction for a hospital next week as well!

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