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Quick Links!

Today's Quick Links are from Body in Mind, Gray Cook, and Evidence in Motion.

Body in Mind's recent post on Considering Patient Preferences on Chronic Non-Specific LBP is an interesting one. You should absolutely consider what the patient wants, or at least thinks will help them, unless it's contraindicated. One of my indications for treatment of a certain area is the patient feels they need it. Addressing this with a technique that requires interaction and education is even more helpful.

Joe from sportsrehabexpert.com interviews Gray Cook about shoulder mobility. He shows some great corrective exercise progressions for GH mobility and stability. It breaks down movements from the Turkish Get-Up, one of the best exercises EVAR! He also shows cervical dissociation in the stable shoulder position. I think I'm going to purchase Kettlebells from the Ground Up soon!

Dr. Tim Flynn wrote a quick blog post introducing the great vid that has been making rounds in the PT blogosphere. Wrinkles on the Inside is just as good as a term as the kisses of time (one of my personal favs from David Butler).

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