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Quick Links!

Today's Quick Links come from Perry Nickelston, Body in Mind, and In Touch PT.

First up is a regressed hip hinge with an instructional vid from Stop Chasing Pain Doc, Perry Nickelston. Simple really, and known if you have taken Sahrmann courses as well. Why would you work on a hip hinging pattern? It can assist in ASLR, which is rarely limited by "hamstring tightness" and especially in more active individuals is more a core or motor control issue. The exercise demonstrated is a regression from a standing position, which then you can progress to dead lifts. After any of these types of exercises, go back an recheck the pattern, in this case ASLR, and see if it improves. Your patient will be surprised as their "tight" hamstrings often auto-magically lengthen!

Body in Mind posts a follow up to their Fear Acquisition Is a Path to the Dark side from last week with Extinction is the Path to the Light Side of the Force. We all practice this with both our chronic and acute pain patients. Even MDT is a type of graded exposure that moves people into the direction that is often most blocked/painful, and a gradual progression of forces and increase in motion eventually decreases pain and also anxiety about the condition.

Dr. Harrison Vaughn recently did a suspenseful 3 part blog post about a wrist case he treated. Here are links to Part 1, 2, and 3. Great job HV! Be sure to check out my upcoming COTW this Wednesday also regarding a golfer with end range elbow pain!

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