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Quick Links!

Today's Quick Links come from Body in Mind, Allan Besselink, and Where's the Beach.

Another thought provoking post over at Body in Mind, this time on the role of expectations and pain. Do you make the most of expectations, placebo, and interaction in your interactions with your patients?

Allan Besselink recently wrote a great post in the Impact of Self Image on Clinical Reasoning. Some of it is MDT concept, as problem solver vs fixer. As a DipMDT, he most likely views himself as a problem solver, whereas I see myself as both. Patients also have different needs, some will look to you for a fix, others only for a push so they can help themselves. With both images interacting, it is important to take a step back and examine this process and how it may affect your outcomes.

Got this link from Kinetacore via facebook. Once of their patients blogged about what it was like to have a dry needling treatment and how it helped her running. Ever wonder what it felt like? This gives a pretty good description! Check out the fitness/health blog Where's the Beach!

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