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Quick Links!

Today's Quick Links come from Sports Medicine Research, Body in Mind, and Optimum Sports Performance.
SMR reviews research on long term follow up for full thickness rotator cuff tears that elected not to have surgical repair. There was a small sample size, but interestingly enough, there was no progression of tear, and in some cases the tear became smaller. There was also no changes in flexion, abduction, or ER as well.

Another great post by Lorimer Moseley, who after receiving 5 criteria for asking why a particular treatment works, reviews his own research. Did his research meet the criteria? Read on to find out!

Patrick Ward explains his "lack" of recent posts. I haven't noticed this myself as I'd rather have quality over quantity any day. I agree with everything he says though, the more I learn and read, the less I know. That is a good thing! Periodically, as clinicians, we should re-examine our clinical decision making processes and our treatment choices. Sometimes this changes our examination and treatment, other times, it changes the way we think about why things work.

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