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Quick Links!

Today's Quick Links come from Henley Sports Performance, Discovery Medicine, and the Sports Physiotherapist
Drew Henley recently wrote a honest post about training others and yourself and focusing on your weaknesses more than your strengths. Not too many want to focus on their weaknesses and it is definitely easier to train and hone your strengths.

@aussielouie/Emilio J. Puentedura posted this link to an article he wrote for Discovery Medicine on New Advances in the Mechanisms and Etiology of CTS. It reviews how and why CTS is due to central sensitization and it's similarities to other conditions like tension HA and LBP. Most importantly, he does not discount peripheral input and dysfunction as contributors to the CNS sensitization process. Treatment should include both peripheral and mechanism based therapies, plus education and graded movement to address potential sensitization issues.

The Sports Physiotherapist reviews compartment syndromes and then new research on forefoot running and it's effects on pain, pressure, and function of 10 military personnel diagnosed with chronic exertional compartment syndrome. Read on for the results and discussion!

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