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My Favorite "Resets"

Call them "resets," "party tricks," or "repeated motions to reduce derangements" these are some of my favorite self resets you can easily teach to a patient for self treatment.
I can give credit to some of these techniques to the MDT Diplomats who I have trained in fellowship. Others, from David Butler (forearms), hip, from a fellow who took a PRI course, and the spine, general MDT. These are easy techniques for HEP and for yourself! I find myself self treating using many of these techniques prior to working out. Hope you find some useful!

Some keys to these techniques

  • end range, end range, end range
  • they work best after STM, FR, or joint work, then use these to maintain motion quality/quantity
  • they work after a rapid loss of ROM, or pain with full ROM, that happens insidiously
  • teach your patients a self screening movement, find a loss, then perform the self reset before working out or sport

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