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Quick Links!

Today's Quick Links come from Interior Fitness, the JOSPT, and Body in Mind.

Julie Wiebe always posts thought provoking material on the pelvic floor and alignment. Check out her latest post on Alignment and the High Tight Pelvic Floor. She has told me more than once she no longer needs to do manual therapy after correcting alignment and breathing patterns. I can see why after reading some of her cases and posts.

A case report in the JOSPT shows a slipped capital femoral epiphysis. New grads, take note! This is one of the things they tend to ask about differentially on the licensure exam! Full article access along with radiographic pics are available.

Body in Mind reviews the differences on opioid effects on males and females. Was there a difference? Yes, with the bottom line being perhaps we should dose according to receptors/sex do have an more effective analgesic effect rather than using the same for either sex.

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