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Quick Links!

Today's Quick Links come from Optimum Sports Performance, Functional Movement Systems, and Gray Cook.

It's a Gray Cook themed Quick Links today!

First, Patrick Ward gives his take on "resets," and does so from a CNS and movement perspective. These are concepts I have been teaching to my students and fellows lately and it's great to see others who are hard core pain science devotees adopt the concept of perceived threat in relation to movement.

Functional Movement Systems posted this exercise/stretch on their facebook page. Just used this in a cool down after a run, if only my thoracic spine had a bit more rotation! Need to work on some open books first. Try the Brettzel!

Gray Cook discusses how and why he uses dry needling. Still waiting for this to be passed in New York State. He prefers Kinetacore, but I have also heard very good reviews of Dr. Ma, and I know Jan from Myopain. Any of you out there with experiences in any of these top 3 dry needling approaches?

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