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Quick Links!

Today's Quick Links come from godvine.com, Forward Thinking PT, and Body in Mind.

Inspiring Vid found by Julie Wiebe, what's the message? Never give up! This one actually had me a bit misty eyed. Diamond Dallas Page, who knew?

Dr. Joe Brence recently participated in a RCT with Dr. Chad Cook. It looked at within/between session changes associated with functional outcomes, pain, and recovery? A good study that reaffirms something I do every day, measure improvement within the visit. Even McKenzie said a long time ago that if you can make changes on the first visit that last when they get up and walk around, it often leads to a good prognosis. Congrats Joe!

Interested in Dry Needling? Read about Sinead's experience in learning dry needling at a Kinetacore course recently. I would most likely already have taken either Kinetacore or Myopain Seminars courses if we were allowed to dry needle in NYS.

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