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Quick Links!

Today's Quick Links come from Life is Movement:Movement is Life, Body in Mind and Science Daily

Dr. Don Reagan recently blogged about the professional crossroads between the rehab and athletic development worlds. Here's a great quote.. "From these concepts evolves this fundamental difference when progressing an athlete: the rehab guy is consistently asking how much strength, power, and athleticism does the client need while the performance guy is emphatically yelling this client needs more strength, power, and athleticism." Wise words from a young movement professional!

Body In Mind posted part 3 in the Learning and Chronic Pain series. Flor's research is reviewed and they conclude something we do every day in the clinic. We try to make a patient's movement pain free, through both manual techniques and education. This would reinforce better movement patterns and hopefully cause extinction of learned pain behaviors and associations of pain with those movements/ADLs.

Science Daily reviewed research that showed differences in the nervous system and movements of males versus females in the lower quarter. The findings showed that women had differences in neural processing which could make it more difficult for them to adapt to quickly changing conditions like slipping or changing directions.

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