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Quick Links!

Today's interesting links come from Kettlebell Athletics, Forward Thinking PT, Body in Mind, and the Sports Physiotherapist.
Kettlebell Athletics posted part 2 of his video series, Kettlebell Exercises You're Not Doing But Should Be. This has the bonus of his awesome kids who apparently do capoeira!

Dr. Brence recently reviewed a study on his blog regarding PCPs researching the best practice for acute LBP. I left a comment on his blog with my thoughts. It does not really seem different than what most PCPs are doing now, still a step in the right direction if they are at least attempting EBP.

Sandy Hilton, PT was featured in a guest post at Body in Mind! She reviewed an ongoing Army study on Post Traumatic Growth and Resilience. She ties it in with chronic pain patients, and how their situation is similar to post traumatic stress, but is ongoing with no clear event. Great job Sandy, congrats on being featured on one of the most popular and great blogs for pain science!

The Sports Physiotherapist recently reviewed a study that checked muscle activation during sidelying hip exercises. They measured using surface EMG for response elicited in gluteus medius, gluteus maximus, tensor fascia latae, and the anterior hip flexors during 3 side-lying exercises;
  1. Side-lying abduction in neutral
  2. Side-lying abduction in external rotation
  3. Clam Shells
This mirrored research one of my former fellows shared with me regarding the sidelying hip abduction in neutral. I progress my patients to this ASAP, but many cannot do it without working their way up to it, you may need to regress to progress so to speak and use clams until they can properly perform it in neutral.

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