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Quick Links!

Today's Quick Links come from Dr. Don Reagan, Stop Chasing Pain, and the Sport Scientists.

Dr. Don Reagan is fortunate enough to practice close to Gray Cook and can observe him in his own practice. Read his recent experience here, along with his insights and list what he is going to do differently.

Dr. Perry Nickelston recently attended The Animal Flow Workshop and wrote a great blog post about 13 Things he learned and re-learned. Good insight from a master clinician who looks at the body very differently than most of us!

The Science of Sport was recently alerted to a lawsuit against Vibram Five-finger and posted their thoughts and what the research states. Sure, wearing footwear like this may make you change your running/walking style. Most would need appropriate training. I recently watched a video of the ground during a barefoot race. Many runners were still heel striking! Not everyone is as in-tuned with their body like say, Dr. Ben Fung, who recently posted his thoughts on wearing a pair of Vibrams.

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