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Webinars and Subscription Based Channel

Some major changes coming to the video end of The Manual Therapist today. 
Thanks for helping The Manual Therapist to grow to become a blog that is often checked daily for new content! I work between 8-10 hours a week constantly writing, filming, and sharing my ideas, cases, and techniques for you to hopefully learn from.

Beginning today, there will be a subscription model for my instructional videos which in the past, have included much of my course content from my neurodynamics, thrust manipulation, and functional release courses. I will still have free vids on my youtube channel, with snippets from each course, but the full course content will now be divided into 5 channels

1) Neurodynamics
2) Functional Release
3) Spinal Manipulation
5) OMPT Webinars

The webinars are the most exciting addition, as I am going back and narrating my course powerpoints, everything from the above first 4 channels and a back to basics standard OMPT for the spine and extremities. The webinars will be on average 10-15 minutes for joints (shoulder, elbow, etc) and up to hours in length for my longer courses.

EVERYTHING you are normally reading and checking daily other than my course vids and webinars will still be free and not require subscription based login. 

The video and webinars will be updated 2-3 times/month, and even more when I teach my courses. They are streaming and viewable from pc/mac/iOS/android devices. The rates are $4.99 a month or $49.99 a year, for unlimited views and including all future updates.

I am hugely grateful for your support and kind comments. I love blogging and using it as another teaching outlet to those of you who do not have the means to regularly attend OMPT courses. For those who subscribe, I hope you find the information useful.

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