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Quick Links!

This weekend's Quick Links come from Body In Mind, Henley Sports Performance, and Gray Cook.

Really great post over at the always amusing and informative Body in Mind. This time on the Mirage Multisensory Illusions Box. A study was performed, and then repeated with more controls and good results were found in patients with chronic OA pain. Some even lasted well past the experimental session.

Drew Henley wrote a good post about Developing a Proper Warm Up that looks at 3 things. 1) Preparing the Nervous System 2) Preparing the Tissues and Joints, and 3) Addressing any imbalances. Good multifactorial way to look at warming up prior to workout or sport.

Gray Cook talks about Motor Control/Stability. Great explanations and easily understood. I'm almost all the way through Movement now and recommend it highly.

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