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Quick Links!

Today's Quick Links come from Kettlebell Therapy, Sports Medicine Research, and Physio Detective.

Dr. Ben Fung recently reviewed and gave a good biomechanical first person perspective of wearing Vibram Treksport "finger shoes." An intern last year always wore these in the clinic and they were quite a conversation starter. A post like this actually does make me want to try working, working out, and generally walking for long periods in this type of footwear. Especially if it makes you walk around like a ninja.

SMR reviewed interesting research on predictors of pain and function in atraumatic full thickness rotator cuff tears. scapulothoracic dyskinesis, range of motion in active abduction and forward elevation, as well as strength in abduction and forward elevation were identified as modifiable factors that related to pain and function in these patients. They concluded PT programs should address these dysfunctions/impairments. Read the rest of the well written review here.

How many of your patients/clients have lost the ability to squat? Antony Lo, wrote a great post about the mechanics of a squat over at his blog, Physio Detective. I love watching my kids squat. They can do it so well and effortlessly. I find most patients cannot even do a simple single leg stepdown. There is very little eccentric control, many patients just "fall" to the next step when reciprocally descending stairs. Conclusion: the (deep) squat is a great functional test that brings out a lot of potential dysfunction across many different joints.

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