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Quick Links!

This weekend's Quick Links come from Dr. Don Reagan, Jonathan Crossfield, and Dynamic Chiropractic.

Dr. Don Reagan and his wife recently had a baby! He wrote a great post recently about it, 10 Things I Learned From Having a HOME BIRTH. Little do most know, but my wife and I are natural childbirth instructors and all three of our kids were born without the use of any meds or intervention. Not at home (but that's what I wanted). Yes, the mind is a very powerful thing, so is appropriate training. We say trying to give birth naturally without appropriate preparation/education is like trying to run a marathon without training. NOT GONNA HAPPEN. But it's possible with training and great coaching. Great Job guys! Always amazing!

With all the recent invasions of the various blogs and facebook pages I follow, including mine to a much smaller, and more civilized extent, thought I would post this tongue in cheek article on How to Win Arguments Online. Nothing like being invited to what you think is a great and open forum, only to find out it's chock full of egotistical brick walls.

An article in Dynamic Chiropractic reviews the multifidus functions for stability and also recent research on the effects of lumbar HVLA on multifidus recruitment. Interesting that the changes lasted up to one week. Combine that with some dynamic stabilization and core exercises to promote the stability after the newfound mobility.

Enjoy your weekend!

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