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Quick Links!

Today's Quick Links come from Allan Besselink, Dan Ogborn, and Dr. Perry Nickelston.

Allan's frustration with direct access, or lack thereof in Texas is completely understandable. The way I see it, the PTs who care about it are even fewer, as only those of us in private practice even care. What percentage of our entire profession is that? Many of us aren't even APTA or AAOMPT members.

Patrick Ward did an interview for Dan Ogborn for one of the authors of the recent massage study that made PT and massage blogs/FB pages. Can a foam roller replace a massage therapist?

Dr. Perry Nickelston recently wrote a post about Active Isolated Fascial Stretching and gave some parameters about a home program to prevent the stretch reflex. Whatever the mechanism, if it works to improve my tissue restrictions and those of patients, it seems simple enough to implement.

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