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Quick Links!

Today's Quick Links come from Dr. Darian's Blog, Prana PT, and Pub Med via Conditioning Research.

Dr. Darian recently wrote a great blog about being a superstar. Having a family member who is very successful helped his drive to be #1 in his profession. Why settle for anything less than excellence? I admire Dr. D's drive to succeed, reminds me of a certain blogging manual PT!

Ann Wendel gave a demonstrational video on foam rolling for the lower extremities. This is a good link with some easy to follow demonstrations for your lower extremity patients, especially runners! We can finally put a voice to you Ann! Keep the videos coming!

Chris over at Conditioning Research posted a link to another study on static vs dynamic stretching. This one was a small sample size study on static versus dynamic stretching with younger and middle age subjects. Dynamic stretching in both groups improved in both groups with countermovement jumps, and decreased for static stretching. Static and dynamic stretching showed improvement that was not statistically significant for sit and reach testing. Static stretching, only do it because it feels good, not because it improves performance!

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