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Quick Links!

Today's Quick Links come from Dr. Don Reagan, Body in Mind, and Functional Anatomy Seminars Blog.

Dr. Don Reagan recently blogged about Plato's Theory of Forms in the Weightroom. I agree with what he says about the KB swing not going over the shoulders. I see too many people do it incorrectly with the bell facing toward the ground, without the hip hinge, etc... only worse if it goes too high like that.

Body In Mind talking about the failures of another common treatment, this time for core strengthening in chronic low back pain. I wonder, with all the research they are doing, what would they actually recommend for treatment? It can't just be all education all the time!

Dr. Andeo Spina, talks about "No Empty Spaces" in the video from the link. A colleague of mine recently put it well regarding fascia. It's EVERYWHERE! How can you possibly ignore it?

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