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Quick Links!

This weekend's Quick Links come from Pain-Topics.org, Kettlebell Therapy, and Body in Mind.

Pain Research is Going to the Dogs according to Dr. Nikolai Bogduk, MD, PhD. A skeptical look and stats review for those who need to brush up on Type I and II error. Thanks to @SandyHiltonPT for the find!

Dr. Ben Fung recently blogged about discussing the benefits of kettlebells with another practitioner while at a weekend course. Our family's thoughts and prayers go out to Ben's family with their recent loss. Please continue to support him and read The Kettlebell Connection.

Dr. Joe Brence had a guest blog over at Body in Mind! Congrats! Just another reminder that pain science is lacking in most PT curriculums. Maybe they could drop some of the fluff and feelings ethics courses and teach this instead. Sign his petition if you have not already.

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