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Quick Links!

This weekend's Quick Links come from Neurokinetic Therapy, Body in Mind, and Dr. Charlie Weingroff.

The Piriformis is a Real Pain in the Ass according to David Weinstock. I'm just getting into Neurokinetic Therapy and having some truly amazing results with certain cases that were not improving with my normal bag of tricks. It seems like a great compliment to anyone already into manual therapy and especially tissue work.

Body in Mind posts about the Role of ROM in Recovery From Whiplash Associated Disorders. I find early and light pain free ROM helps with acute whiplash presentations, and use something that reduces pain and tenderness while increasing ROM like counterstrain technique.

Dr. Charlie Weingroff does some Q&A about Making Breathing Autonomic. Entertaining and informative as usual.

Hope you're having a great weekend and enjoy the reads!

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