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Quick Links!

Today's Quick Links come from Conditioning Research, Physical Therapy Diagnosis, Forward Thinking PT, and In Touch Physical Therapy.

Conditioning Research posted a real WOW exercise vid of 90 degree pushups. Um... I need to go workout... for about one hundred years.

Tim Richardson over at PT Diagnosis started a series of posts called Stealing Patients From Physicians. Here is a link to Part 1. Hopefully the new generation of DPTs embrace direct access and the public comes to realize we are a great entry point for primary care neuromusculoskeletal conditions. I find many PTs in private practice defer to physicians rather than seeing themselves as equals as primary care providers. Once they can't get them better using US, ES, and 3 hours of exercise, they tell them they need surgery... sigh...

Dr. Joe Brence, posted a video on Screening and Using Special Tests to Identify Cervicogenic HA. It is a very well done video, and talks about the sensitivity and specificity of the various tests. I only look for ROM, and function and treat. Other than testing for subcranial or upper cervical stability in the case of trauma, I do not normally bother with special tests. For me, if someone has poor posture, limited OA mobility, restrictions in the upper cervical fascia, then I treat with OMPT and MDT. When the Sx improve, then you know it's cervicogenic. Also, the table improves the end feel palpation? It's already unreliable, does the table make it more reliable?

Dr. Harrison Vaughn recently blogged about Professional Networking Sites. He and I have both joined Physio Connect. It has potential to be more than just linkedin, which many join, but just use it to build their virtual network, but very few use like they socially use twitter or facebook. Check out Harrison's blog and also Physio Connection!

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