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Quick Links!

Today's Quick Links come from Better Movement, Erik Dalton, My Physical Therapy Space, and Stop Chasing Pain.

Todd over at Better Movement posts some thoughts on a new paper by Lorimer Moseley and Herta Flor. A link to the full paper is provided in his post.

Dr. Erik Dalton shared a video on his youtube page about a classic Ida Rolf technique, the "Log Roll." Very similar to the functional release I perform to the lateral thigh. I like the use of anatomical slides during his presentation!

Selena Horner, PT echoes some of my recent thoughts about difficulties with implementing what the research states in Expanding on the Idea of Quality. I'm glad other mindful clinicians also struggle with applying some of the latest research, especially the biopsychosocial approach.

Dr. Perry Nickelston's latest post on Stop Chasing Pain tells you to Put the 'Whip in Your Hip' Great technique for any rotational exercise. He also makes a great point about indiscriminately releasing the psoas. I release a tight psoas of a patient who had an undiagnosed anterior labral tear. It was so weak afterward, it took quite a bit of strengthening and then release of other facilitated muscles for her to recover!

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