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Quick Links!

Today's quick links come from Kettlebell Athletics on youtube, Pub Med, and Sports Medicine Research.
Here are Six Kettlebell Exercises You're Not Doing, But Should Be via Kettlebell Athletics. A lot of cool variations that I am again excited to incorporate into my next workout with KBs!

STM for Lateral Epicondylitis SMR Reviews some research that showed myofascial release (not sure if it was the 5 grams of pressure type or not) being more effective in computer programmers with lateral epicondylitis. The n size was decent and it proved to be better for at least 50% pain reduction at 4 weeks compared to the sham US group.

@SikMik shared a study that showed Motor performance may be improved by kinesthetic imagery, specific action verb production, and mental calculation. Working on getting the full article for review myself. Reminds me of what I learned for my Pilates training. Patients/clients tend to respond to verbal cues along with different types of mental imagery. Not sure why it only worked on male respondents in the study, but I'm curious to find out.

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