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Quick Links!

Today's Quick Links come from Body in Mind, Dr. Charlie Weingroff, Dr. Ben Fung, and Dr. John Childs

Body In Mind provided a link to a 111 slide presentation given by himself, David Butler, Adriaan Louw and Mick Thacker. As always, informative and hugely entertaining. Here is the Presentation from the Pain Symposium

Some disturbing news about spinal fusion rates at My Physical Therapy Space. So expensive and so useless for the majority than never got to see a PT first.

Dr. Ben Fung posts a great vid about the five star KB routine over at Kettlebell Therapy. I will be trying it out as soon as my right wrist gets over a minor DeQuervain's! Sadly, it only seems to respond to rest. Tough when you're an OMPT who also loves to hold his kids!

Dr. Charlie Weingroff does a little Q&A about leg length. Like him, I normally don't bother when someone tells me one of their legs is longer than the other. Research shows asymmetries don't often lead to symptoms. However, when someone has muscle imbalances that can cause a functional discrepancy and they're not responding to typical MDT, I do look to the hip flexors, and hikers which, when released often "lower" the leg.

Have a great weekend!

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