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Quick Links!

Today's Quick Links are via Pub Med, Julie Wiebe's youtube channel, and Dr. Joe Brence, DPT

@sigmik on twitter found an article studying the Efficacy of Directional Preference on LBP. Five studies were deemed to meet the study's criteria for systematic review. The authors found that Directional Preference was moderately more effective than comparable methods at short, medium, but not long term follow ups. The comparable methods included exercise/stabilization, OMPT/exericse, and advice.

Julie Wiebe, PT a sports PT and Women's Health specialist has finally started her own youtube channel, here is a link to a first in a series of videos. The pelvic floor fires before extremity movements, similar to the TA. She describes the synergy of the four core muscles. Give The Fit Floor Part 1 a watch!

Dr. Joe Brence, DPT talks about The Stroop Effect. I was actually pretty good at this type of test several years back while playing Brain Age. I didn't do so well once my brain was out of practice. How can we apply this to chronic pain patients as distraction has been shown to limit or eliminate noxious stimulus perception?

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